Our professional and dedicated team is always at your disposal

Management and administration

Patrick Élément, President  pelement@tecelement.com

Stéphane Élément, General Manager  selement@tecelement.com

Christine Fortin-Landry, Executive assistant  reception@tecelement.com

Gino Lévesque, Financial director  glevesque@tecelement.com


Research and development

André Desbiens, Research and development Manager  adesbiens@tecelement.com

Rudy Breton, Technical Engineer  rbreton@tecelement.com

Louis Mercier-Roy, Engineer  lmercier-roy@tecelement.com

Bruno Lequin, Research, development and technical support Technician  blequin@tecelement.com

Michael Bélanger, Distributor technical support  mbelanger@tecelement.com

André Vallières, Assembly Technician, Distributor technical support avallieres@tecelement.com

Elena Gavrilita, Export and marketing Coordinator egavrilita@tecelement.com

Roland Bisson, Draftsman



Louis Letarte, Production Manager  lletarte@tecelement.com

Nathalie Parker, Production Assistant  nparker@tecelement.com



Melanie Morin, Wharehouse and warranty manager  mmorin@tecelement.com

Danielle Bourgoin, Supply chain manager  achat@tecelement.com

Karl Élément, Parts and services responsable  kelement@tecelement.com

Mario Proulx, Parts clerk and graphic designer  mproulx@tecelement.com

Christopher Forest, Journalier


Assemblage workshop

Michel Fontaine, Team leader  mfontaine@tecelement.com

Patrick Béland, Assemblage technician

Jean-François Boutin-Laplante, Assembly technician

Pascal Ratunno, Painting Technician

Michael Labbé, Sandblasting Technician

Joey Richer, Assembly Technician


Welding shop

Daniel Couture, Team leader

Marius Anctil, Welder-fitter

Martin L’Heureux, Welder-fitter

Stéphane Labrecque, Welder-fitter

Pascal Fiset, Welder-fitter

Gabriel Mercier, Welder-fitter

Marc-Olivier Fortier, Junior Welder-fitter

Marc-André Henrie-Malenfant, Welder-fitter